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2023 Summer Training Program


During our first week of training we will be evaluating every goalie and grade them on different aspects of their game.  From this evaluation we will place them in their skill level appropriate program.  It is important to note that some of the groups will be sharing the same ice session and occasionally do some skating together.  Our programs will be Futures, Prospects, and Selects.  

Futures Program- The futures program is designed for any goalie looking to get better and work on their skill set.  This is our program that works a lot on structure and fundamentals of goaltending.  Through repetitions and consistent work on targeted areas our goalies will develop a strong base and begin their climb to the goalie they want to become.  

Prospect Program-  This program has been revamped for the goalies physically and mentally ready for more.  Many of these goalies could be considered for the selects program.  This program will start to implement the "why".   To continue up your ladder of development our training will incorporate more drills with options to help you identify how to read situations.  

Selects-  This program is not for everyone.  This group is for the goalies that have the ability to be here everyday.  This program will challenge you to learn the game from the training sessions to teaching younger goalies.  Teaching is a great way to learn.  The workouts are more specific to the individuals needs and classrooms are more in-depth.  

More Info

We are excited to launch our new web based and mobile app software, by GoMotion, that will give you access to our organization through our new website or in the palm of your hand with the mobile app.

This will be our new system for:

Registration and payment collection
Some communication via email
And more...

Follow these easy steps...

  • Step 1: CLICK HERE to go to the HP Goalies registration page

  • Step 2: Select the "Add to Cart" button for the training you wish to enroll

  • Step 3: Next, "Check Out of Shopping Cart" 

  • Step 4: Then select "Create New Account" when prompted

Once your account has been created, follow the registration flow to select your pay plan; add your members (students); sign waivers, confirm your "order"; and pay & finish.

After you have completed registration, download the GoMotion mobile app and login in with the credentials that you created.

**Note**When looking for the option to sign up, you may have to click on goalie or player drop down to see more options.  

**If you want to pay with check or via Venmo, just select the "check" option in the cart and don't enter your credit card info and it will bypass making a payment.

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